Niche Box Stores - A World of eCommerce Sites is the portal for Niche eCommerce Stores created under the umbrella of Leaning Dog Enterprises established in 2009. Leaning Dog Enterprises has been responsible for for hundreds of successful websites. You can learn more at

NicheBoxStores develops eCommerce stores in tightly focused niches. We have learned over the years that this is a much better technique than trying to be the next big box store. Thus, we became "Niche Box Stores"... Get it? :)

While we won't be divulging any of our specific niche stores here to prevent copycats, sometimes we will have niche sites for sale or would be willing to build one for your needs. Inquire using our contact form.

Nichebox Stores LLC

In March of 2018 Nichebox Stores became Nichebox Stores LLC. We were very excited to make this part of the business “official”. The business model continues to grow and change.

As stated before we did hundreds of affiliate websites, some fun websites and local business websites under the Leaningdog Enterprises name.

Nichebox Stores LLC is dedicated to selling eCommerce. We sell primarily hard goods. We try to be different and sell only quality goods.

We hope to run into you in the future and hear your stories of making money online.

Welcome to

Rex Turner - Owner of NicheBoxStores.comWelcome to We are glad that you decided to come by and see what the fuss is about. We are a team of dedicated professionals that buy, sell, create and opperate niche eCommerce sites. as a business name was created in early 2013 but the foundations of it were started back in 2004 when I started my online business. It was meant to be a supplemental income and later in life a retirement income. After the day job of 30 years where I designed consumer electronics disappeared in 2007 I went full time into internet marketing and have never looked back. I can’t tell you what a relief it has been.  It has given me a life of freedom and choice.

My online business became Leaning Dog Enterprises and branched out into HUNDREDS of websites. Much of this infrastructure was being done for years before the company name came into being.

Fast forward to 2013 and a series of niche eCommerce stores is created to provide hard to find items at your fingertips on the internet.

We pride ourselves in our product knowledge and fair pricing.

Our stores will treat you right, give you great customer service and provide you with the right products and the right price.

We take pride in our business and the success it has achieved.  And once again, welcome!